Coffee, Tea, and Your Smile

For most of us, a morning cup of coffee or tea is the best way to begin a new day. But have you ever considered the effect your morning beverage (or mid-day pick-me up) has on your teeth?

Coffee and tea contains a substance called tannic acid—which can stain your teeth brown by appearing in ridges and on the flat surfaces of your tooth enamel. It has often been shown that by adding cream or milk to coffee or tea can help prevent tannic acids from staining your teeth.

If your morning coffee or tea accompanies you on your commute, consider drinking a bottle of water after your beverage of choice. Drinking water will help to wash away some of the tannic acid, until you are able to brush your teeth. Also, drinking iced coffee or tea through a straw helps prevent the liquid from coming in direct contact with your tooth enamel.

And also, don’t forget that professional tooth whitening at University Dental Associates is always an option to ensure a bright and healthy smile!